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Lost Lands 3 - Tartessos & Schera/Phaeacia

Ancient/traditional sources claim tartessos was beyond the Pillars of H, and that the river Guadalquivir/Baetis was prev called Tartessos river (2 mouthed [perhaps confluence/sources, island in]), and city Gades (or Carpia) prev called Tartessos.
The tribe name Turdetani in vicinity prob related. Berlitz says cyclopean ruins found at Niebla, Ronda and Huelva. (I read on some web/net forum that someone had found features in a swamp/marsh/bog that could match layout of Tartessos, but I lost the info.)
However, there is an intriguing if unlikely similarity with Tortosa near the mouth of the Ebro river (or Tarraconensis?), and perhaps king Arganthonius (&/or Gargoris) connected with name Aragon (or El-Argar)?
Alternative similar names: Tejo/Tagus, Tinto, Carteia, Tetouan, (Tardenois in sw France,) Zaragosa, etc.
Graves says Tartessos was west (cp Tartarus, Hesperides), and Salmydessus was east (cp Colchis), like Iranian Salm/Sayrima (Solymites/Sarmatians?) and Tur(ia); (there were Pillars of Hercules at west/Gibraltar and east/Dardanelles/Troy.)
The (not definately identified/located) ancient Hittite place name Tarhuntassa (Taurus, Tarsus?) is very similar to Tartessos.

Could the Schera/Phaeacia that Odyseus visited in the Odysey be Skara Brae (Orkneys)/Faroes (Fairy/Fay)?
Spanuth says Schera was: in Ocean, in North(?), at end/remotest, at mouth of great river.
Although unlikely perhaps the great river is the North/Baltic seas?
Alternative similar names might incld: sakkara, jerez (s spain), sicily, sir/serica/sherpa (china/tibet); basques, fezzan, phaistos, phasis (colchis), pict.
Evidence of egyptians/phoenicians (ships) in ancient Brit Isles eg

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Atlantis (Lost Lands 2)

Mythos Atlantis - Historia Pangaea,
by 'Ro-fhessa' V Sean W Bambrough.

Around 1999 I made my own analytical/deductive study to determine if Atlantis/Poseidonis existed and/or rather where. I considered everywhere around the world including all the theories I knew of or had (and since) encountered my self (tho there are far more than ones I know details about):

Crete, Thera/Santorini, Troy (Zangger), Tartessos, Bimini (Cayce), Heligoland (Spanuth), fiction/meta-physical (de Champ, Alford), planet X (Alford), nw Africa, Cyprus (Sarmast, [Urantia]), Ubar (Deyo), Albania (net), Athens, mid-Atlantic ([Scott-Eliot], Bellamy, Donnelly), pre-flood (Fasold), [Tiahuanaco (Fasold)], America, Atalante (de Camp), Tantalis, Indonesia (Santos, [Jantsang]), Australia, Antarctica (Flem-Ath, Hancock), Maldives/Laccadives (Hancock), [Pangaea ([Fasold?])], in sth Amer country (Prime tv).

Atlantis was in Ocean not Sea:
- Plato says Atlantis was in real/true outer/open ocean not in inner sea.
- was in atlantic, (herodotus called).
- Was opposite/beyond/outside Pillars of Hercules.
- (The S (& W) hemisphere has majority/emphasises unity of the oceans.)
- The biblical Great Sea and Egyptian Great Green may have been Atlantic incld Mediterranean ("Great Green poss suggests existence of another different coloured, smaller sea.")
- Plato treated as sep land-mass from Eur/As/Afr.
- Can't be too close (&/or far) in place (&/or time) to Athens/Sais.

Atlantis was a Continent not only an Island/City:
- Plato said Atlantis was an ISland the size of/larger than Asia & Libya combined ("roughly same size as USA/Antarctica/[Australia/face of Moon/Pluto]", Flem-Ath.)
- Not a needle in haystack as Hancock put it.
- Theopompus said Meropis was larger than Europe, Asia and Libya.
- Herodotus said Europe was as long as Asia & Libya put together & its breadth (euros) is not even comparable with them (though in another place he also says Asia & Europe are the same size/shape).
- Atlantis totally disappeared without any trace (except "mud").
- All of the details of the Atlantis account seem in general agree with Atlantis being a continent not an "island/city (+ empire)".
- Ancient writer mentions tradition of 7 islands and a (very) larger one that ruled over them in the Atlantic.
- Island in Bible, ancient Egypt, etc can mean either island, coastland/sealands, continent, peninsula, (pangaea, planet).
- Plato treated as separate land mass from Old World.
- population of Atlantis large (as est from military data etc).
- many animal species of Atl Account.

Atlantis/Poseidonis was in Atlantic/(Arctic) not in Indian, Pacific, (Arctic,) Antarctic, Oceanus:
- (was in Atlantic,) Herodotus called Atlantic before Plato (though after Solon).
- [4 divs/parts of oceanus?]
- Evidence is that there are no sunken/submerged continental island masses in Atlantic (Hancock), Indian (Jantsang)*, Arctic (submarines), Antarctic (geophysics) and/or Pacific (orthodox scientists)* oceans.
- Atlantis can't have been too far/close (incl "up/down" re Antarctica) from Greece/Egypt (Incendium).
- Lemuria unlike Atlantis/Mu was only a theory for oddities now better explained by Gondwanaland.
- S (&W) hemisphere has majority/emphasises unity of oceans re Atlantic/Poseidon/Oceanus.

Atlantis must be one of modern Continents not Oceans:
- Present oceanographic/geophysical evidence is that there are no sunken/submerged continents/land masses in the Atlantic, Indian*, Arctic (subs), Antarctic (geophys), and/or Pacific* oceans except for the true continental edges, shelves, islands and seas, and except for continental shift. (orthodox theory/"dogma" rejects/disclaims (wholly) rising/sinking continents, except for (limited) submergence/exposure by rising/droping sea-levels theory/evidence.)
- (Seemingly no evidence that the continents ever wholly/permanently below sea level? except for )
- Maps that use true continental edges don't show significantly large enough gaps in the Atlantic between Eur/Afr and Amers when orig joint together to fit Atlantis into (excepting lakes, ridges, islands, sub-continents/plates)?
- All evidence of lost continents of Atl/Lemuria is more readily explained by continental drift theory.
- According to Ockam's razor there is no need to assume the existence of any more continents than the 7 we presently know of?
- (All the oceans are from (indirectly) one original Pan-Ocean; all the oceans are part of one Oceanus.)
- Old World traditions of Atlantis/etc in west and New World traditions of [Mu]/etc in east could be respectively/relatively refering to each other, or commonly to [shifted] land in between (Armorica plate).

Atlantis was in Atlantic but was not the Atlantic;
Atlantis was a continent/large island but not a sunken/submerged one.

Atlantis was in the west (and north) not east (and south):
- Atlanteans conquered upto Tyrrhenia & Libya from (N)W.
- Atlantis is always said to be in western sea. (Cp Hesperides.)
- Spanuth gives evidence that Atlantis was in the north (Hyperborea, Sea Peoples).
- Despite the ancient records of reversal of compass points a couple of times in history, the Egyptians/Arabs were seemingly the only odd ones out in (sometimes) placing south as up/reverse west-east (Deyo/Flem-Ath/Massey, Jantsang)?
- Atlantis can't have been too far/close incl "up/down" from/to Greece/Egypt (Incendium).
- Hyperborea/Tartarus/Thule in NW or NE.
- The Aryan Barbarians always came from the north (Greek, Indian, Iranian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Polynesian, Aztec, biblical.)
- W hemisphere majority of oceans (vs E hem.)
- N hem majority of continents (size).

Atlantis was America(s) or Armorica (Plate) not Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, "8th Continent/Atlantis", pangaea:
- Antarctica is 2 islands not continent (depend on sea level).
- Plato treated Atlantis as a separate land-mass from Eur & As/As & Lib/Lib & Eur.
- size.
- Atlantis can't have been too far/close distance/duration incl "up/down" from Greece/Egypt (Incendium).
- Atlantis was in western sea/opposite Pillars of Hercules.
- Atlanteans conquered upto Tyrrhennia & Libya from (N)W.
- Atlantis can not be dry land based theories.
- No mention in account of crossing equator.
- No archaelogical finds of humans/civilisation in Antarctica yet?.
- No hints on Piri Reis map of civ/humans/Atlantis in Antarctica?
- "Atlantis has been identified/connected with every continent except Australia" except for by one writer.
- Some of "Atlantis" locations not (too) far (enough) from Old World to be lost/not to be found.
- N (&E) hemisphere has majority/emphasises unity of continents (re Atlantis).
- Atantis climate conducive to 2 crops a year (not Antarctic).
- North Pole was once in Canada/Greenland (re Hyperborea/Sea Peoples/Keftiou).
- Americas had all animals implied in Atlantis account incl elephants/mastodons, camels, horses, sabre tooth tigers, sloths.
- Alleghenies/Appalachians could have been Atlas/Nthern Pillar.
(- Scientists theorise Amerinds came via Berring but almost exclusively all Indians own oral memories say they came from east over sea.
- First Americans were like Cro-Magnons in Europe (Otamid, Folsom, Big Game Hunters, MacKenzie High Arctic high culture, Archaic Caucasoids, Kennewick man); and Cro-Magnons were (flat faced?) like Amerinds.
- My theory explains Archaic Maritime culture in ancient America, (ref Barry Fell).
- (Egyptian pictures of some Sea Peoples look American to me? (Cp Geronimo?))
- Assyrian pictures of Tjekker sea peoples bearing South American fan palm, ref Fitzgerald-Lee.)

now only indian/asian & african, but americas had them (& mastodons) in "prehistory".
mammoths (eg siberia). Spanuth found tusk/s at Heligoland. Hannibal. elephant from aleph "ox" accord to some scholars. Ivory tusks from/via Keftiou.

whole world/global not old world/known world/inhabited world/inner sea/Asia-Africa/local/flat :
- Herodotus said his contemporaries were wrong that the world consisted of (only) Europe, Asia and Libya.
- Popul Vuh says first race of men "examined 4 pts of horizon & round surface/circles of the earth & the 4 pts of the firmament/heaven."
- Maps such as Piri Reis (Hapgood), Kirchir, Ptolemy (Sitchin).
- Finds of ancient ships &/or drawings of (cp Heyerdahl).
- Satan wandered to & fro, up & down in [all] the earth (Job).
- Pyramidology geographical facts about Great Pyramid.
- knew was sphere (circle/disk/ring/hemisphere/dome/quadrants/arc/egg).
- Plato said Atlantis was larger than Libya & Asia combined, and treated it (& opposite continent) as separate landmass from Libya & Asia/Asia & Europe/Europe & Libya.
- Herodotus' statement that oceans/seas all parts of one Ocean, and Plato's distinguishing between real/true outer ocean and inner seas/indentations ("theory") parallels modern geopolitical worldview.
- plato said that known world contracted.
- Proofs of links between ancient/prehistoric Americas and Old World (above, refs Heyerdahl, Honore, N Davies, B Fell, Scott-Elliot).
- ancients' world projected & (sub-)divided into # of continents/latitudes/hemispheres/worlds/quadrants/[hours] like we do.

It is claimed the Pillars of Hercules/Melkart at Gibraltar were late(r), and there were earlier Pillars at Troy &/or ....
In fact there were 12 Pillars of Herakles acc to 1/some source/s at least.
The Atl acct seems to indicate that the Gibraltar ones are meant.

Atlantis sinking/submergence can not have been (just) Great Flood (confounded), submerged by rising sea levels at end ice age, tidal wave/slosh, earth crust displacement, volcanic eruption or literally sunk, but rather Atlantis (genuinely appeared to have sunk when it really continentally) shifted away:
- Only Atlantis (and Athens) lost not whole world [re flood/rising sea levels/crust displacement].
- Must have both quake(s) and flood(s) [re flood*/ris sea levs].
- Would not have made distance/duration that much longer for ancients not to be able to find Atlantis any longer [re ris sea levs].
- Atlantis totally disappeared (locally/regionally) without any trace (except "mud") [re ris sea levs/tid wav/volc erupt/lit sunk/displac].
- The land would still be not absolutely lost but still possible to find down below underwater [re ris sea levs/lit sunk].
- Account says sunk not (just?) sea level rise (~flood(s)?)
- Atlantis was already separate island mass but in bible continents didn't split til Peleg/Babel/Flood [re flood].
- No rain/fountains great deep in Atlantis account.
- Evidence is that there are no sunken/submerged continental island masses in Atlantic (Hancock), Indian (Jantsang), Arctic (sumarines), Antarctic (geophysics), Pacific (orthodox scientists).
- Erroneous dates Atlantis and end last Ice Age only coincidence/theory (see below).
- No large enough gaps between Americas and Old World when they were joint together to fit Atlantis into?
- Evidence for old sunken/submerged continents of Atl/Lemuria theories more readily explained by continental shift.
- Cp sink >11km, or 1km submerged true cont shelf, to shift ca 2000km.
- If sea levels were lower Gibraltar straits would be land.
- Mid-Atlantic is emerging up/out not down/in.

9000/8000 yrs date:
is def not (wholly) literal incld because Atlantis can't have been too far (or near) in time (or place) from (or to) Athens, Sais, etc. greek culture of account said to match mycenaean.
a number of possible deciperments incld: yr=month, yr=4yrs, 9000/8000 = 900/800, 9/8 thousand yrs (milleniums) = 9/8 ages, div by schomos, precessional, etc.

Evidences of sudden continental shift(s)/sprint(s) not (just) drifting:

- shift was either: (1/a) both amers and old wor shifted (outward/away from ridge), or (2/b) only amer shifted west from ridge/old wor, or (3/c) only old wor shifted east (atlantis shift relative). Most likely 1/a because other wise w or e sea floor would be younger/older, and 'cause ridge equally develop on both sides?
- it would seem more likely that south amer was closer rather than north amer (cent amer/panama, etc), but I tend to think it was more likely that it was north that was closer not south (opposite agadir/gades, same latitude as gades/sais, kirchirs map, south to far down (even if nth pole in n amer), 2 parallel rockies/coast/cascades, distance would not be quite so far, etc.)
- atlantis was any/all of (nth, cent &/or sth ) america/s &/or armorica plate (american &/or european). More likely atlantis/shift was both americas because otherwise nth/sth atlantic would be older/younger.
(- I envision/idea that the atlantic was previously about/roughly half the present width/distance/duration.)
- The ridge, banks, bars, sargasso, bermuda triangle, &/or hotspot may be ghostly visible remnant of where the continental edge previously was (cf muddy sea), (&/or [wound] of shift?)
- the royal island city could therefore possibly even be divided like jigsaw betw or in any of amer (eg bimini), mid Atl ridge (eg azores) &/or armorica (eg heligoland).

Please note I am not saying that "Atlantis was Pangaea/World", but rather Atlantis shifted and was (any/all of n, s &/or c) America(s) &/or Armorica plate.

Atlantis/(daughter of) Atlas can't be identified with similar place names like Ad, Aztlan (Aztec), Atl, Atli, etc:
- As pointed out in the account, Atlantis is only the Greek translation of an Egyptian name which was translation of Atlantean name.
- A-tl (A-tonatiuh) "water" is Akkadian E-a.

Atlantis was (at least half) real not (just) myth/theory/lie/unscientific/metaphys:
- Plato said was Atlantis was true history, Plato was the one who elsewhere 1st used mythology in sense of fictional and legend as true.
- Every year there are more discoveries that the Atlantis account, Bible, oral memories, ancient historians/poets, myths are as historically/scientifically correct (as humanly possible) as modern sources.

the whole/surrounding/opposite continent of Atl acct = (Sth Amer-)Antarctica(-Australia), not Flem-Ath's nrthern-maj/uni-of-conts;
Antarctica was not Atlantis but (could've been part of) 'opp cont':
- The account says opp cont surrnded the world ocean both atlantis and old world.
- on the equidistant concentric projection of world map with N Pole as center has Antartica distributed around circumference.
- antarctica along whole of bottom our normal mercator projection.
- ptolemy's map has "africa" joint to [antarctica/australia] at bottom enclosing Indian ocean,
- oronteus finneus map has larger size antarctica.
- there were 3 (not Flem-Ath's 2) separate steps/land-masses mentioned in the Atl account:
opp cont (3) - ocean - atlantis (2) - outer ocean - inner sea/"eur & as/as & lib/lib & eur" (1).
- opposite continent/under-world to old world centre projection/view would be either west or south hemisphere [sw quadrant] (but only in global view :- if it was only nth/east hemisphere (or ne quadrant) worldview then underworld//opposite would be either nw, se, (arctic, antarctic, equator, greenwich or IDL).)
- "PARTS of opp cont." poss indicate partly ice-free like Antarctica was .
- (antarctica and australia shown as one continent in continental drift maps?)
- equidistant projection maps with Giza as centre have americas, antractica, austral around old world.
- ancient/mediaeval/early modern world maps often confuse sth amer/antarctica/australia (like old world and new world somewhat similarily superimposed in Enterline's book).
- north pole previously Hudson bay or thereabouts*, and sth pole prev in sea, = opposite to present (nth sea, sth land)/Flem-Ath. [* High arctic high culture/civilisation of macKenzie river (Rene Nordbergen/Stephen Bernad Cox).]
- names Opp cont, Under-world (absu), other-world, nether-world, Ant-arctica, Anti-podes, A-meru/Su-meru, A-tala/Su-tala, sub-terrannean, anti-chthoni, lower-world, (hyper-notian), ant-illes/ant-illa, (new world).

Oreichalc was brass, not amber, "not bronze":
- orichalc was a "metal" that was "mined" &/or "smelted". (amber was "fished"/"tears").
- orichalc was a combination of "pseudarguros" and chalcos (copper). "there is a stone which when burned becomes iron & then when heated in a furnace with a certain earth distils pseudarguros". pseudarguros (mock silver) matches zinc, a certain earth matches smithonite (zinc ore).
- amber was called "electron".
- compare Celt metal findrine "between bronze & silver". cp Persian ages of "steel", & an "iron compound" after gold & silver ages. cp biblical "clay & iron". compare ormolu "gold-like alloy of copper, zinc & tin"? (Cf Chinese Chang San-feng "alchemist residing in the mtns" [orei-chalc "mtn + copper"].)
- atlantis was possibly "brass/bronze/copper" age?

- J Spanuth (Atlantis of the Nth), G Hancock (Sign & Seal), HS Bellamy ([Atlantis Myth]), S de C(h)amp/R Ley, (Tantalis book), I Donnelly (Atlantis Antediluvian World), E Sykes, E Zangger (Flood from Heaven), C Berlitz, Mavor, D Fasold (Discov of Noa's Ark), Chadderton (Time Detectives), C Cook (Pears Cyclop), Scott-Elliot, Flem-Ath/Nexus, A Alford;
- S Deyo, Prof A Santos, E Cayce, KR Bolton (Germanic Atlantis), AA Incendium (Tears of the Lady), J Kircher, atlantisrising, Star Gate, Plato (Timaeus; Critias).

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Cognate gods names (tentative/provisional/pioneer)

Eriu 'warrior' Irish [or Eros];
Arawn 'hunt, red, pigs' Welsh [or Orion/Arjuna?];
Ear 'war' German;
Jarl 'strong, weapons, hunts, rides, fights, fearless' Viking;
Lars Porsen(n)a 'war, conflict' Italian, Etruscan;
ARES 'war, warrior' Greek, Thracian;
Heros 'horseman' Thracia [?];
Giraitis 'hunting' Baltic;
Yarovit 'war, shield' Slav;
Jarri 'war, bow, battle' Hittite, Hurrian;
Ara(y) 'war' Armenian;
Arash (e) Kamangir 'the Bowman' Iranian;
Jaras 'killed ... arrow fired ... hunter' Indian;

Llyr/Lir 'sea' Celt;
Nerthus 'fertility, island, washed, lake, drowned' Teutonic/German;
NJORD 'sea, storms' Nordic/Viking;
Lara 'river, naiad' Italia [or Fortuna?];
Illyr(i)us 'sea, river' Illyrian;
NEREUS 'sea' Greece;
Juras Mate 'sea' Balt;
Jurata 'sea, mermaid, storms' Slav;
Sangarios 'river' Phrygia;
Inara - Hittite, Hurrian [?];
Nor Mard '[Noah]' Armenia;
Nar Tsovinar 'water, sea, rain' Armenia;
Nara(yana) 'water, green, blue' India;

Nechtan 'water' Celt;
Nodens/Nodons 'river, estuary' Celt;
Ritona 'river fords' Romano-Celt;
Hludana/Hlodyn/Hlothyn 'fertility, Rhineland, giantess' Nordic/Eddaic [or Hroptir?];
NEPTUNE/Neptunus 'sea, watering, irrigation' Italia;
Latona 'fountain, quench thirst, frogs' Italia;
Redon/Rodon 'oceans' Illyria;
Leto 'mother, impregnated' Greek;
Nonadey - Balt [or Nuada/Lyada?];
Lad(un)o 'fertility, peace, life' Slav;
Zaden 'fishermen' Armenia;
Anahita/Anaitis 'river, fertility' Armenia, Iran;
Rapithwin 'water' Iran [or Ra];
Apam Napat 'water' India, Iran;

Fea 'war' Celt;
Poeninus 'mntain, alpine, Jupiter' Romano-Celt;
Hoenir 'fleet of foot, senses' Nordic, German;
Favonius 'wind' Italia;
Pannonius/Paeon 'paeon' Illyrian;
PAEAN/Paiawon 'war' Greek;
Papas/Papaeus 'Zeus' Phrygia, Scyth [?];
Hayk/Haik 'sky, strong, slew, Hercules' Armenia
Apaosha 'drought, ' Iran [?];
Pavana 'winds' India;

Damona 'cow' Celt;
Sinmara 'earth-pale, matter' Norse [or Trym, Vegtam?];
Semo Sancus/Semoni 'seed' Italia;
Shkumbe 'beaches' Illyrian [?];
SEMELE 'earth, mother' Greek;
Zemepatis 'chthonic, farmers, cattle' Balt;
Zemyna 'chthonic, vegetation' Balt;
Mati Syra Zemlya 'earth, mother' Slav;
Zemelo 'great mother' Phrygia;
Semiramis 'gardens' Armenia;
Zam 'earth' Iran;
Zami-Mata 'earth, fertiliy' India;

Dewi 'sea, deity' Welsh
Viviane 'Lady of the Lake' Celt/Arthurian;
Divona 'water, divine' Celt;
Dag 'night, day' Nordic;
DIANA 'moon, huntress' Italia;
Deving Usching ... Balt [?];
Deving Cerklicing 'black ox, woods' Balt [?];
Dziewona/Devana 'moon, huntress' Slav;
siune 'light' Hittite [?];
Nar Tsovinar 'heavens, fire, sea, water' Armenia;
Dsovinar 'born from sea' Armenia;
Dena 'daughter of light' Iran;

Aine 'sky' Irish [or ?];
Gwynn 'phantom hunt' Welsh [or Gwion?];
Oinn 'Odin' Eddaic [or Vegtam, Wayland, Ve?]
Veiovis 'goat, Apollo, Jove' Italia;
AEOLUS 'storms, winds' Italia;
Ou 'heavens, sky, I" Illyria;
Aeolos 'storms, winds' Greek;
Veja mate 'winds' Balt;
Oynyena Maria 'thunder, fiery, counsellor' Slav [?];
A'as 'wisdom' Hittite/Hurrian [or Ea?];
Ays 'wind, mad' Armenia;
Vata 'wind' Iran [or Az?];
Vayu 'winds' India;

Freyja 'fertility, vegetation' Nordic;
FREYR 'fertility' Nordic [or Fjorgyn?]
Flora 'flowers, sexual, spring' Italia;
PRIAPUS 'shade, rural' Italy;
Prende 'love' Albania;
Broket 'food, fortune' Illyria;
Priapos 'fertility' Greek, Phrygia [or Aphrodite?];
Porevit/Prove 'fertility, prolific, woods, power' Slav [or Perun?];
Spor '[growth]' Slav [?];
Peruwa 'horse' Hittite;
Prajapati 'sexual organ' India;
p-r-(y/w/g) [&/or p-y-r- ?]

Smertrios 'war' Gallic;
Mordur - Nordic [?];
MARS 'war, weather' Italic;
Marsyas 'satyr, flute, blood' Classical, Phrygia;
Martins - Baltic;
Marco 'hero, horse, sword' Slav;
Oynyena Maria 'thunder, fiery' Slav;
Maruta 'storm, [war]' India;

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Lost Lands - part 1: Punt

Punon/Pinon (Edom, Num 33:42), Punjab, Phoenicia (came from the Erythrean sea), Punic, Pondo (sth Africa), Pontus, king Punda(rika) ("lotus"), Pontifex, Pon(a)pe/Pohnpe (Nan Matal/Nan Modal, [Pompeii/Pompey?]), Pul ("African", Isa 66:19), P(h)ut (Hittite -nt- ?), river Po, Spain/Hispania, ha saponi.

- artefacts:
statue erected in Punt; terraces/terraced mountain.
- fauna/animals:
ivory, donkey/ass, fish, monkeys/apes/[baboons], panther/[leopard].
- ethnology/race/hair:
wavy-straight hair, steatopygus/large/enormously fat [cross between Andamese & Yap/Caroline], dark skinned, White/nth Semitic/Caucasoid.
- plants/flora/trees/vegetation:
myrrh, (frank)incense, balsam, pine incense, spices, coconut palms.
- geography/distance/direction/duration:
Asia, Red Sea/Suez/Indian Ocean, east, sunrise, Nile harbour of Thebes (return), seagoing ships, original home of the gods/[Egyptians].
- names/language:
Punt/Puanit/Pwenet, queen Eti/Ari, chief/prince/[king] Perehu/Paruah/Parihu, To-neter/Neter-to (divine/god's/holy land),
- gods:
Hathor, Bes.
- time:
18th dyn, 11th dyn, 6th dyn.

3 most most likely candidates not ruled out of listed names is Ponpe, Punjab/punda?, Phoenicia-Punon?

Either more than 1 Punt, or Punt a continent, or products not indigenous/native to Punt but from trade, or also includes expedition to Khenthenofer in Africa (circumnavigated; khoisan/pygmy).

Bes (Bek? or) name might be Bar? nature like Tiki.

Ponpe (&/or Indo-/Poly-/Mela-nesia) has in common with Punt:
- terraces (Kolosimo), coconuts (Paxton), race (cross Andaman-Yap, Huxley), 2 races (Malay & White "Oceanic" race, Kolosimo), name Punt/Ponpe, name Metaranimu/Metalanim/Nan Madol ~ Neter-to?, east/Asia, Bes/Tiki, jade/greenstone ("green gold"?), archaeological (Punt) civilisation artefacts.

Picture is they (started from qoseir to) went to Ponpe then, having ship full of products, decided to return to Nile port of Thebes rather than have to transport over land from qoseir, so circumnavigated Africa/Khenthennefer confounding extra expedititon together (unless canal of sesostris around then)?

"Punt" can't be (only) Africa/elsewhere (and not [also] elsewhere/Africa), but
"Punt" must (both) be elsewhere/Africa and also Africa/elsewhere because/since:
(1) some goods/descriptions almost def could not have been found in Africa (not "everything they procured could be found in Africa");
(2) there seems to be a couple of (now) "only-African" things (and return to Nile port indicates they must have circumnavigated africa anyway unless canal around then);
(3) the goods are not specificly/clearly (undeniably/indisputably/undoubtedly) stated to have come from (in) "Punt" (& not Khenthennefer/Africa)?

(horn of/tropical) Africa:
- doesnot have/unknown:
name (except sth Pondo), wavy-straight hair (not curly/woolly), race (only like cross betw andamese & yap, not negroid), east/sunrise/asia (except perhaps Horn of), archaeological (Punt) civilisation artefacts,
- (only) has/is:
khenthennefer, from qoseir to nile port, ivory, palms, coconuts(?), baboon/monkey/ape, leopard, giraffe, steatopygus, copper/gold.

My sources say it is not really known how long Hatshepsut's expedition took but some connect with 3 yr Solomon/Hiram voyage to Ophir//Tarshish. (Nechos 3 yrs was with # time duration stops.) Source says expedition was concluded just before the 9th yr of Hatshepsut. (Someone on a net/web forum said they think they may have read somewhere (ie dubious/unverified) that the expedition was 2 yrs?)

Childress says Ponape fire pit ashes have been carbon dated to only 900 yrs old (1000 ad) "... (and) suggested that the basalt rocks used to build the city came from ...."
However that dating is only based on one ash sample.
(I not overly respecting of orthodox dating which have been shown to be wrong/unlikely in many cases, tho usually the dates usually too old.)
Ponape/Pohnpei is freq called "ancient" (and megalithic/legend/underwater.)
Furthermoreover, Childress in his book also says (a little after the above) that theroluminescence dated Ponape pottery shards are at least 2000 yrs old "this pushes back the date by more than 1000 yrs".

Punt as Ponpe contributes to solving a number mysteries at same time incld those of: polynesian origins/history, ponpe mystery, racial origins (negritos), punt mystery.

Charles Berlitz (Mysteries fr forgoten worlds), David Hatcher Childress (lost cities of anc Lemuria & the pacific),
Bey (Egypt und the Pharaohs), Clayton (chronicle of the pharaohs), Velikovsky (Ages in Chaos), "Sharrukin".

Monday, June 04, 2007

Prophetic Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

-> The name Essenes may be the same as/from the Assideans in Maccabees (modern namesake Hasidim), or may be comes from (shoot/son of) Jessie (or similar Isaiah/Isa (Moslem transliteration of Jesus)), or from Essen/Choshen of High Priest's garment/chest.
-> Essenes maybe (incld in) the scribes/priests/rabbis/Levites/jews/lawyers/elders/israelites of the Gospels.
-> It seems there may be connection(s) between Qumran & the Ethiopians: both no book of Esther (cp Misler, Luther), both treasure/eunuch/baptism/Isaiah (Philip & Ethiopian in Acts).
-> The earthquake which damaged building at Qumran may be the one at/after JC's crucifiction, or one in Acts? (tho Qumran date supp earlier.)
-> The hidden treasure of the Copper Scroll(s) may be connected with the ark &/or Solomon's temple furnature (cp Temple Scroll), [or may be scrolls/scriptures?] (Cp "store up treasure in heaven".)
-> It is debated whether the Qumran building and Qumran caves/scrolls were connected or not, and/or whether the scrolls and Essenes connected or not, (&/or building & Essenes conn or not?). Hence they called Essene-LIKE sect. Distinction between Qumran DSS and Nag Hammadi DSS.
-> 11 DSS caves have been found, is there still one more to be found (12 tribes/patriarchs/apostles/disciples)? cp 11 apostles (minus Judas), (cp lost tribe Dan revelation.) Grant Jeffrey mentions "recently detected caves" & "new dig".
-> there might be a possibility of a connection of the Yahad 'uni' sect/grp of/in the qumran Dead Sea Scrolls with the YeHuD/yhw coin(s) of persian-greek times, and/or with Jihad 'holy war', but I guess the difference of semi-vowels (ayin or aleph) may make it unlikely?

-> (4000) "celibate/ascetic/monastic/communistic/..." Qumran sect recalls (144000) virgins of Revel (tho some of them did/were married and as evidenced by that they had (a) yr/s trial marriage period custom/tradition/rule.) (Virgin may be figurative? Trial marriage maybe trial membership?)

-> (3) Teacher(s) (rabbi?) of Righteousness matches (2) messiahs &/or 2 comings &/or 2 witnesses &/or forerunner &/or elijah.
-> T of R lead sect out from Jerusalem (flee) to wilderness refuge recalls woman/144,000 flee to wilderness (Petra?) in Revelation (cp Waco).
-> T of R preceeds messiah like Elijah (Malachi) &/or John &/or 2 witnesses preceed Jesus Christ, &/or 1st coming before 2nd coming. (Jesus said John was "Elijah", John said he was not Elijah.)
-> T of R called the prophet, the Prophet spoken of by Moses who John denied being (and Mohammed claimed to be) but who was Jesus Christ.
-> T of R called the interpreter of the law (mosaic), matches Jews saying messiah will interpret even spaces between letters, and JC saying not one jot or tiddle will pass away without being fulfilled.
-> T of R & (Jesus) Christ in common: Melchizedek, martyred, persecuted, teacher/rabbi, baptism, messiah?, ['priests'], etc.
-> James Just & Paul Apostle (as opp to Saul Tarsus), &/or Jesus Christ & John Baptist were not dualistic "enemies". (Written earlier) New Testament (Roman) Jesus Christ more reliable than ("orally earlier"?) Talmud (Maccabean) Ye(i)shu(a) ha-Notzri (disputed by some whether even same or not).

-> the son of God scroll says "He shall be called the son of God, & they shall designate him son of the Most High. Like the appearance of comets, so shall be their kingdom. For brief yrs they shall reign over the earth & shall trample on all; 1 people shall trample on another & 1 province on another until the people of God shall rise & all shall rest from the sword." The "son of God" here is the Antichrist not (Jesus) Christ (as Jeffries/Jeffreys would have it), the time length is more like Tribulation (than the Millenium or AD).

-> Melkiresha &/or (3) Wicked Priest(s) &/or Man (ish?) of the Lie match the Dragon &/or Antichrist/Beast &/or False Prophet (&/or Harlot) of Revelation. (Disputed whether W Pr & Liar are same person, or Liar agent of W Pr.)
-> wicked (resha?) priest/melki-resha maybe related to prophetic prince Rosh? Wicked (resha?) priest/Melki-resha maybe chief (rosh?) priest/high king?
-> Wicked Priest committs abonimations recalls abomination of desolation(s) of Daniel.
-> the spouter of lies recalls the little horn with mouth speaking grt things of Daniel, the false prophet, &/or the Lie they shall believe of Paul's letter/Revelation (= "you shall not die but become like God(s)"?)
-> the Liar is not = Jesus Christ "because of his birth/[resurrection/ascension]".
-> Jesus Christ not wicked, nor of (high) priestly descent tho he was priest of Melchizedek.

Wermis........|...Jesus C...|.....[Simon M]....|...S Maccabea
[Thierring]....|...John B....|....Jesus C.........|....J Christ
[Eisenman]...|...James J...|....Paul A..........|...Annas

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Religion & Politics of the 3rd Millenium (part 1)

We are all creations or emanations/manifestations/generations/evolutions of The One God or Goddess.

All religions/mythologies/philosophies/etc ultimately came (d/evolved) from one common original .

Man is/has become fallen/dualist/separated (death, de-/dys-/sickness/illness, suffering/persecution).
Eg: "(man origin from nature [holistic],) man has been shielded from nature by civilisation and become inverse-/un-/anti-natural [out/dualist], and (given rise to some) degenerate(s) [out/dualist] thru dysgenics/mixing."

(Good and) evil/dualism came out of original good/holism.

Man search/"quest"/strives (earn/works) to become whole [re-]/gods.

"Mythology" like (not just) the bible is about (approach as) a dualistic/dialectic interaction
(holism/in/truth/survival vs dualism/out) throut the whole of Time (human/world/cyclical (hi)story (& prophecy)).

that is there are 2 lines/sides within/between every religion/mythology.

Each/every tribe/religion/nation/people/culture/etc (incld modern books like Messianic legacy) has its/their own traditional (or synthetic/composite), dualistic definition/classification of In/Holist and Out/Dualist, generally (naturally, relatively) seeing/viewing/representing themselves as In, and (lump) all others (non-) as Out/inverse/common enemy (gentiles/goyim, pakeha, barbarian, infidel, kafirs, set/hyksos, ). .

In - citizens;
in/out - subjects/guests/allies/proselytes;
out/in - foreign nationals;
Out - foreigners/enemies.

Taking any 2 or more religions, sometimes the 2 lines/sides may be/are common/allies/match/equate same way around, &/or sometimes may be different/opposed/inversed (eg Asuras and Devas switched between Indian & Iranian), and/or sometimes mixed (eg BIs, Baigent/Lincoln/Leigh).

Ultimately there are only 2 "dualistic" sides/ways (1 whole), or, all religions reduce (ally/polarise) to 2 sides (1 whole).

judaeo-xtian is unique to [all/most] other world/pagan religions.

both sides/most seem to agree that judaeo-xtian and ["anti-dualists"] are on different opposite sides.

What is also evident is that the pagan 2 lines are inverse to the biblical/Judaeo-Xtian 2 lines; the antichrist/christ of judaeo-xtian is [christ] (Horus)/[antichrist] (Set) of pagan.


which matches the non-/anti-Xtian view that "Xtianity is dualism". This is also illustrated by various writers inversing the 2 lines in the bible like favouring 6th day man/elohim over 8th day man/yhwh.

it is a common/popular arguement that "dualist" judaeo-xtianity came from "dualist" zoroastrianism (&/or atenism &/or "neurotic" rome [&/or Set]) (or both come from common origins).

However, there is a difference (distinct) between Xtianity/dualism and occult/anti-dualism/naturalism/paganism/"satanism" over what ulitmate One Whole, In/good (and Out/"dark/evil/sin"/dualist) is true (origins) as to who is artificial/moralistic/unholistic/unnatural/dualistic/evil/harmful.

it depends which side one is on, or which side is true.

So to xtians/if judaeo-xtianity is true, then (God is Holistic/In, and) [pagan/occultist/antidualist] are out/dualistic/mixed/devil/sinners/fallen.

to antidualists, "dualistic" zoroastrianism & "dualistic" xtianity are both (common) out/moralistic/dualist/Set, like nationalists say capitalism & communism are really on same side/2 sides same coin even tho they are dualistic enemies of each other.

adolf hilter (mein kampf), gerald massey (bk of beginnings), a j gregor (nature of prejudice), k r bolton, petros koutoupis (origins of the nephilim), j/d jewell, e h j steed (2 be 1), tani jantsang/phil marsh, e sykes, dan brown (da vinci code), baigent/lincoln/leigh (messianic legacy), brooks/moody (spirit of truth spirit of error), a h sayce, bible, francis parker yockey/ulick varange (imperium), rob zacharias, hegel, carl jung, f neitzsche,

dualisms &/or (antidual) dialectics (both/neither):

Adam - Enosh (Hislop);
Tree Life - Tree Knowledge (Steed);
Seth - Cain;
sons of God - daughters of men;
Eden - Nod;
God/YHWH - Devil/Satan;
Shem - Japheth (J Jewell);
Yhwh - El;
Israel/Jacob - Esau/Edom;
Moab - Ammon;
Ephraim - Manasseh (BIWF);
Moses - Aaron (Amp);
Moses - Elijah (Misler);
Abram - Lot;
Isaac - Ishmael (Amp, Paul);
Judah/jews - Israel;
Adam - Serpent (Jantsang);
cupbearer - baker (Misler);
Lucifer - Satan;
sons of light - sons of darkness;
ears - eyes;
Jubal - Jabal;
Adah - Zillah;
Cain - Tubalcain;
Christ - Jesus (Brooks/Moody);
Abel - Cain;
3 - 1;
Jn - synoptic (WG Simpson);
NT - OT;
Setian - Ophite (Jantsang);
Arminian - Calvinist (Misler);
Fundamentalist - Modernist (ME Ravage);
(seed) woman - (seed) serpent (KR Bolton/F Scorpio);
evil spirit - demon (Misler);
Gibborim - Nephilim;
Jerusalem - Babylon (Misler);
False Prophet - Anti-Christ;
Peleg - Joktan;
good - evil/bad;
Magog - Gog;
Pharisees - Saducees/scribes (Misler);
Saturday - Sunday;
rock - sand (I Lewis);
Zion - Sion ;
David - Solomon (Misler);
Mordechai - Haman (Misler);
[wheat] - tares (Bolton/Scorpio);
sheep - goats;
Joshua - Caleb;
right - left;
Mary - Martha (Amp);
cross - rose;
[lamb - dragon];
(white - black;)
wonderful - fearful;
[David - Saul];
Eve - animals;
lt to rt - rt to lt (Misler, Waddell);
(scorpio/serp - aquilo (I Myers);)
Israel - Jacob ([Misler/Focus]);
Rachel - Leah;
Gad - Asher (Hislop);
Behemoth - Leviathan;
Paul - Peter;
Adam (rule/chauvinism) - Eve (desire/feminism);
8th day - 6th day man (Jewell, Jantsang/[Peters]);
Paul A - James J ([Eisenman?]);
Jesus C - John B (Theirring/Jantsang);
Jesus - Lucifer (JT Chick/Mormon);

Khoser - Hasis (Sykes, Pratney);
driver - expeller (Sykes);
Elim - Elohim (M Jordan);
Baal - Yamm ;
Sachar - Salem (B Walker, );
Hyposouranios - Ousoos (Sykes);
Aleion - Mot (Sykes);
Mot - Leviathan (Sykes);
Baal - El (Sykes);
Baal - Mot (A Millard, );

Shia - Sunni;

Kish - Uruk (NK Sandars);
[Umma - Lagas];
Apsu - Tiamat (Heidel);
An - Ki (Black & Green, Sandars);
Igigi - Anunaki (Jordan, Sykes);
Enki/Ea/flood saviour - Enlil/flood sender (Alford, );
Sumer/accad - Akkad/sem/chald (Sayce);
Euphrates - Tigris;
Sarku/lt - Admu/dk (G Massey);
Anu - Ea (L Stringer);
anshar - kishar;
lahmu - lahamu;
shaven - bearded (JR Baker);
Gilgamesh/Izdubar - Enkidu/Eabani;
Mediterranean - Persain Gulf;
sexagesimal - decimal (Alford);
fire - stones (Sayce);
Bel - Dragon (Apocrypha);

Persia - Media (Herodotus, Daniel);
[Vohu Manah - Akah Manah];
Tishtriya - Apaosha (Robinson & Wilson);
Arya - Turia (Donnelly, );
Ahura/Amesha Spentas - Devas (Sykes, );
Ahura Mazda/Ohrmuzd - Angra Mainyu/Ahriman;
[Ashavan - Drugvan];

India - Pakistan;
Pandavas - Kauravas (Cotterell);
Vasishtha - Viswamitra (Cotterell);
Deva - Asura (Daneilou, Cologne, Sykes);
[Arya/Nord - Dasyu/Dravidian];
Yonijas - Lingajas (B Walker);
Brahman - Atman;
Yama - Yami;
Shiva - Shakti (J Campbell);
Siva/Hara - Visnu/Hari ;
Krishna - Balarama ;
(Yab - Yum ;)
Surya/sun - Chandra/moon (Dowson, Jantsang);
(Hinayana/Ther... - Mahayana;)
[Brahman - Kshatriya];
Kama - Mara (A Cotterell);
Mitra - Varuna (Jordan);

Yab - Yum (Steed);
Khen-Pa - Khen-Ma (Jordan);

Yin - Yang;
Fu Hsi - Nu Kwa;
Shen - Kwei (Sykes/Mind Alive);

Izanagi - Izanami;
In - Yo (Sykes);
Chrysanthemum - Dragon (Mishima);

crook - flail;
Set - Apophis;
Lower Egypt - Upper Egypt (Alford, );
Dua - Sef (Sykes);
Geb - Nut;
Shu - Tefnut (Alford);
Horus (race) - Set (race);
Horus the Elder - Horus the Younger;
Wadjet - Nekhbet (Clayton, );
sedge - bee (Clayton, );
papyrus - lotus (Clayton, );
Danaus - Aegyptus;
black land - red land (Clayton, );
Uraeus - Apophis (Hislop);
Hathor - Sekhmet (Sykes, );
Isis - Nephthys (Sykes, );
Ra/Re - Atum/Amon (Massey, );
Nun - Naunet (Jordan, );
Mantchet - Semketet;
Manu - Bahu;
nthern heavens - sthern heavens (Massey);
Osiris - Set;

Mawu - Lisa;
Obatala - Odudua (Sykes);

white Manitou - black Manitou (B Walker, );

centrifugal - centripetal (Ceram);
Xiu - Itza (Ceram, );
quetzal/feather - coatl/serpent;
ugly/cruel - beautiful/aesthetic (W Pratney);
N Amer/Mexico - S Amer/Peru (Fitzgerald-Lee);

sons of light - giants deprived of light (D Cologne);

Ara the Fair/[Hayk] - Bel (Assyrian);

Bielobog - Chernobog (Sykes);
Younger Bogatyr - Elder Bogatyr (J Jewell);

Mykenae - Troy (radio);
Achilles - Hector ;
Epicurean - Stoic ;
Zeus - Theran (unverified);
Zeus - Typhon;
Athens - Sparta ;
[Athens - Atlantis];
hot - cold spring (Plato);
Prometheus - Epimetheus;
Hermes - Aphrodite;
Cupid - Psyche;
Uranus - Gaia (Sykes);
Apollo - Artemis;
Zeus - Prometheus;
[Hercules - Gigantes (RL Green)];
Otus - Ephialtes ;
mt Ossa - mt Pelion ;
Plato/Pythagoras - Aristotle (Bram/F&W, );
Dionysian - Apollonian (Jung);

Romulus - Remus;
Mars - Venus (Jordan, );
Castor - Pollux;
Janicula - Saturnia (Hislop);
Patricians - Plebs;
Sol/Helios/Apollo - Sol Niger (B Walker);

Aryan - Jew (Hitler);
George - Dragon;
Gods - Dark (A Incendium);
Vili - Ve (Sykes);
Ask - Embla;
Heimdall - Loki ;
Lif - Lifthrasir;
Thor - Midgradsorm/Jormungard;
Baldr - Hoder/Loki ;
Thor - Etins ;
Aesir - Vanir (Larouse/Dumezil, Cologne);
Frey - Freya (Jordan);
Rob Hood - K Arthur (H Gilbert);
Saxon - Norman;
Welfs - Ghibbelines;
Lancaster - York;
lion - unicorn;

Lleu - Dylan (B Walker);
Gog - Magog;
Catholic/Ireland - Protestant/England;
(George - Dragon;)
Unicorn - Lion;
Lug - Balor;
TDD - Fomor (D Cologne);
Merlin/Lady of the Lake - Mab (TV);
[Arthur - Mordred];

Thursday, May 24, 2007

(Garden of) Eden

Genesis says that a river flowed out of Eden to water the Garden ("the river of life") and there it started to become divided into 4 rivers (the Euphrates, Hiddekel/Tigris, Gihon and Pishon.)

It seems to have been pretty much unanimously taken for granted that because 2 of the rivers of Eden (the Tigris and the Euphrates) are names of rivers in Iraq, that the biblical Garden of Eden is located either at the source or mouth of these 2 rivers [or perhaps where 2 rivers bends come close together in middle Iraq near Baghdad?] (&/or cp some say Babylon is on Eden site), while the [Gihon or Pison] is arbitrarily identified with an Arabian ex-river west of the Euphrates meeting towards south (cp S Deyo), and the [Pison or Gihon] is arbitrarily identified with an Elamite river east of Tigris meeting towards south.

(The Gihon has also alt been connected with the Ceyhan to west of Euphrates diverging from near it in north, or with the (Ethiopian) Nile, or else with the Euphrates which was also called by the name; and the Pishon has sometimes been identified with the [Indus/Ganges], or Seyhan, (compare [Urantia/Sarmast]).)

However, as pointed out in some of your previous posts there are some difficulties with this:

1 - It is possible that the Great Flood could have drastically altered the surface features of the Earth wiping out all traces of the rivers of Eden;

2 - The Tigris and Euphrates don't share a common source, &/or they didn't meet when the ancient gulf used to extend further north upto Ur, &/or in ice age the gulf was dry land;

3 - No definate proof of identification of the other (2) river(s) Pison (& Gihon);

(4 - Dilmun was in the north not Bahrein, &/or Bahrein ("Dilmun") is not at mouth or source of rivers.)

Moreover, somewhile ago I discovered a possible alternative theory of my own:
A picture of the 4 rivers of Eden in Philipot uses the symbol of a circle with a cross in it ("sun wheel", note the CROSS? (river/blood)), which implies that the rivers were global/world sized rivers dividing the whole earth, which disqualifies the Euphrates/Tigris/Nile/etc as a glance at an atlas will show they are small-local not crossing whole continents (though there are said to be traces of lots of rivers under the Sahara desert and/or Nile supposedly once flowed w-e, and also Rift valley).
But then a glance at maps of the stages of the continental "drift" do show global/continental sized "rivers" dividing Pangaea along/between the edges of the future continents, suggesting the possibility that the continents may have split up (&/or come together (Ural, Rift valley)) along the rivers of Eden, the rivers widening into oceans.
In ancient sources the borders of Europe, Asia and Libya/Africa were defined by rivers, (and in the Bible the borders of prophetic Israel are the Euphrates & Nile (or wadi Arish).)
The ancients considered the seas/oceans as parts of 1 RIVER Oceanus.

(Please note I am not saying that (the Garden of) Eden was Pangaea, only that the 4 rivers out of Eden crossed the whole of Pangaea.)

Furthermore I have also found the Genesis account of the 4 rivers of Paradise in a number of mythologies around the world, confirming the historicity of both.
The combination of the biblical and mythological gives a fuller picture, and seemingly strengthens my theory (esp some like the Aztec, Babylonian, Chinese):

-> Judaeo-Xtian version: 4 rivers of Eden/paradise divide whole earth (ref: Philipot). [Pseudepigrapha says 3 sons Noah divided 4 region post-flood earth leaving 1 qrter unallocated/unihab.]
-> Sumer-Akkad version: 4 rivers Karduniyash (T, E, Surappi, Ukni); 4 rivers Dilmun; "To water the 4 regions of the earth" (refs: A Heidel, .)
[-> Indian version: 4 rivers Meru?]
-> Chinese version: Kun-lun source of 4 great rivers which flowed in 4 directions (ref Larousse.)
-> Aegean version: 4 rivers Thera.
-> Norse version: 4 streams Ymir/Audhumla (refs: JC Cooper.)
-> Egyptian: Nile comes from core of earth. (Atlantic cross?)
-> Navaho: In the age of beginning 4 streams flowed from the earth's center to the 4 cardinal points.
-> Aztec version: Tonacatecuhtli drove 4 roads thru centre of earth after cataclysm to disperse flood waters of the deluge (ref: M Jordan.)
-> Peru: Cuzco 4 parts/divs.

Alternatively the rivers could (now) be underground rivers of water which scientists have discovered (& known to ancient dowsers) underneath the [continents &/or oceans].*

Alt/also there is a tradition which locates the Garden of Eden on the site of Jerusalem [or Mt Tabor?] which is considered to be the geopolitical centre of the world in Judaeo-Christian tradition.*
Eden could then be Jerusalem, and pre-flood Enoch/Nod to the (then) east of Eden could correspond to post-flood Babel (Babylon/Borsippa) (as in the Roman tradition of 2 cities on the same site "1 on each side of the flood", compare cities on two sides of a river? cp Ad/Urem) rather than Babylon being Eden as some have claimed (cp hanging gardens, Eridu/Edin.)

* This could perhaps be connected with the 2 rivers of living water that will come forth from [mt Olivet] (cp Bethesda?) in prophecy.

The Phoenician myth of Sad-El ("field/mount of God") the residence of El at the source of the 2 rivers, although it resembles the rivers of Eden, is also/alt evidence of an identification of Eden with the landing place of the Ark (perhaps from Noah planting vine?) El can be identified with Noah, since El was an old man, father of mankind, and on one occasion was helplessly drunk, [and his wife Asheratian was mother of 70 like table of 70 nations in Gen 10]. Sad-El evidently corresponds to Sumerian Dilmun which was at source of the rivers where Utnapishtim/Ziusudra dwelt.
(Enoch east of Eden, Babylon east of Jerusalem, Babel east of Ararat?)

The flaming sword may represent fire/conflaguration?

The 4 rivers/[lands] may be types of 4 world ages, with Havilah land of gold = golden age? (2nd land Cush may matche Greek trad that Ethiopians were silver age?)

Havilah :- Himalaya,
Cush :- Kur,
Asshur :- Asia, Euros/Europa,
Nod :- India, Andes, Nuristan, Nuzi, Noatun,
Pishon :- Apsu,
Gihon :- Nihon, Ceyhan,
Hiddekel :- Itak, Tigris,
Euphrates :-

edin, bit-adini/beth-eden (tel-barsip), kar-dunyash, ve-dan, jotun/etin, aden, athens, idun, jordan, [guedin, anedin], suedin, padan,
ida, hades, ad,

bruce paul, brian hooper, herodotus, pseudepigrapha, philipot, NWT, david rohl, peter helmkamp/seirizzim, stan deyo, graham hancock (sign & seal), a h sayce, david fasold, [urantia/sarmast], geoffrey parker, pambi ncube, radio, chuck misler (66 40), thubron (hills of adonis).

4 evangelists/gospels;
4 horsemen Apoc (Rev);
"4 lets Corinthians";
4 tetrarchs;
4 faces cherubs/liv creatures/Adonai (Rev, Ezek);
4 cities (tetrapolis) Nimrod ;
4 letters tetragrammation YHWH;
4 beasts/metals (Daniel);
4 heads/wings leopard (Dan);
4 rivers Eden (Gen);
4 dogs Nabiru/Marduk (Sayce, Sitchin);
4 Vedas;
4 yugas;
4 heads Brahma;
4 castes;

4 worlds Celt (up, mundane, low, Mide);
4 Celtic beasts (Naddair)?
4 cities Celtic (M, G, F, F, Sykes);
firkin 4th of a barrel;
4 suits pack (tarot) cards;
4 Jungian types;
4 arms swastika (Cox, Helmkamp, );
tetraktys (1+2+3+4);
4 elements;
4 yrs Olympiad/leap yr/election/Sothis;
4 heads/faces Sventovit/Porevit;

4 sons Horus (Canopic);
4 yrs Sothic/Sirius;
4 faces/sides/corners pyramid (base);

4 suns Aztec;
4 chacs;
4 bacabs;
4 tlaloque/tlalocs;

4 dimensions (Paul, Misler, );
[4 zodiac pts (L,T,A,S, Myers);]
4 seasons;
4 corners/cardinal pts/quadrants;
4 winds/directions;
4 feet quadruped;
4 weeks month;
4 wheels;
4 sides/corners square/quadrilateral/quadrangle;
4 seasonal/daily positions Ursa Maj/Plow;
4 lge moons Jupiter;
[4 states matter;]

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ur "of the Chaldees"

Ever since Wooley's identification of the Biblical Ur of the Chaldees with Ur city in ancient sw Iraq the orthodox opinion has been and still is that the biblical Ur was Ur city.
But there have been quite a number of other scholars however who believe that Ur city was not Ur of the Chaldees, most of whom favour locating Ur of the Chaldees rather somewhere in the north of Iraq instead (Urfa being the most popular tho unlikely specificly nomiated site).
There are a number of arguements against the Ur city/southern view, and in favour of north:

-> Ur city too far from Haran. (They reply that ancients did make long distance travels.)

-> Big long round-about up-and-down route (incld up Balih to Haran) (desert less harsh in anc/prehist than now). (They reply that they did so probably to avoid possibly hostile places, &/or that desert was as harsh then, and/or that they only had to follow established routes.)

-> Ur was on (west side of) Euphrates river (and Haran was on east side, requiring 2nd unmentioned crossing) re Josh 14:2/Eber/Hebrew. (Though they reply that Wooley said Euphrates previously "washed the foot of the western rampart, [ie Ur on east] taking a new course to the east", and/or that "for anyone living in the Levant, Babylonian Ur would have lain conceptually beyond the river, whatever the precise geography.")

-> Descriptive ("of Chaldees") unnecessary for major/known cities. (They say necessary define/identify/clarify/explanation/designation "reflecting the renewed eminence of this Ur under the Neo-Babylonians or Chaldeans".)

-> Josephus quoting Nicolaus of Damascus says "Abram ... came ... out of the land above Babylon, called the land of the Chaldeans ....", above implies either Zagros or upper/north Mesopotamia (Tigris) (unless he was using Egyptian 'up' for south). (They reply that there was high land in Arabia on sw of Chaldea, &/or Ur was tel.)

-> Abra(ha)m said that he was from/land his fathers was Padan-Aram/Aram-Naharaim in Gen 24:4 combined with Gen 24:10 and 25:20 etc cp Gen 12:1, same words used in Gen 11:28; Abraham was "an Arimi ready to perish" Deuteronomy 26:5. (They reply that translation implies Harran was his & his father's adopted land, and/or was the land of his relatives not ancestors.)

-> Hebrews (like Maoris) not acquainted with cities/houses (except from Enoch/Babel/Egypt/Canaan/Ur?) (Though they reply that some studies claim they were, and/or that there were Semite nomads around Ur city, &/or Abram may have afterward become nomad/shepherd.)

-> The contention that it took Abraham great faith to go from a "good" (comfort/secure) urban city/civilisation to the "bad" rural country is not necessarily correct, it could take equal/more faith to leave 'good' (healthy/community/) country home (&/or to go to 'bad' city). (Semites were around not in Ur city.)

-> Hebrew Genesis says Ur [ha]-Kasdim not Ur "of the Chaldees" tho Greek Acts does say Chaldees. (They reply that Kasdim always corresps to/used elsewhere in bible for Chaldeans (from Chaldees~Aramaeans~Kesed) [tho Chaldees v-v not always called Kasdim], and no ha-). To comment that they different books/authors/times they reply whole bible is late/anachronism.

-> If Moses wrote genesis (as attest by JC himself) then Chaldees not at Ur in his (or Abram's) time (Moses came after Kesed). (They reply that Chaldees/whole bible is anachronism/late, &/or that moses was 18th or 19th dyn.)

-> Chaldean never specifically/directly attached/connected to Ur city in history. (They reply Ur was incld within/on boundary of land possessed by Chaldeans.)

-> No trace/tradition of Abram in Ur city records (the Jews who lived in Babylonia did not know the site). (They reply means nothing much, &/or that in Josephus Ur is obviously Ur city.)

-> In Septuagint, Gen 11:28-31 & Acts 7:2-4 Ur is (only) called a land/country (not a city) (tho in those verses it was not the Ur name itself which was necessarily called the "land/country"), no land of Ur in south except Ki-uru/Akkad. (They reply that Ur was kingdom/city-state/hinter-land/supreme.)

-> In Gen 11:28-31 where it says Terah took Abram, Lot & Sarah with him from Ur it doesn't say that Nahor went with them. Nahor's son is later located at Nahur city, and Nahor's grandson is later located at Harran.

-> 3rd dyn Ur may be too late for Abram who lived only (1)400 yrs after the flood & at the start of history just after longevity (cp Brahmins). (They reply that Ur was around in Early Dynastic Period/is 2nd earliest Ur name.)

-> Ur (city) is less correct rendering of Urim(a)/Uru/Urummu/Hur/Uri(w)a. (They reply Ur is correct.)

-> Acts 7:2 says Abram from [Roman province of] Mesopotamia (OT Aram-Naharaim/Padan-Aram) which was north not south Mesopotamia. (They reply Roman province established after Acts written, and Greek Mesopotamia included south.)

-> If Kasdim was an anachronism then why did text say Kasdim not Chaldees/Kaldu/Shinar/Babylonia to make more clearer. (They reply Kasdim always elsewhere Hebrew for Kaldu.)

-> Names of Patriarchs, Abram's/Terah's ancestors/relatives (Nahor, Haran, Ragau, Arphaxad, Shem, Eber, Serug, Terah, Kesed, Aram) all found in north/middle (Mari/Ebla) not around Ur city. (They say irrelevant, they say some late, they say some unrelated names/accidental, they say some anachronisms.)

-> Kasdim = Kesed son of Nahor in north/mid (or = Arphaxad). (They say they migrated, &/or geographical/transfered/analogy.)

-> Why did they stop at Haran but not any other equally impressive places like Mari? (They say not on route (hostile/harsh), &/or Ur and Haran common religion.)

-> Terah/Abram left/fled (Jud 5:6) Ur situation so why (follow known route &) settle in similar/related Haran situation (religon, allied, etc). (They say they stoped there because similar/related situation.)

-> Biblical Chaldeans were Aramaic/Syriac, (they say Chaldeans & Arameans of records [sometimes] different).

-> Ezekiel says land Chaldeans by Kebar river, (they say Kebar was [part of Euphrates at Babylon]).

-> Kabbala has Abram saying "as a child ... I spent much time jesting with the young men of the mtns of Urartu...."

-> Ockham's razor.

-> Abraham "the Hebrew/Aberite" (Gen 14:13) "from Aber a naher (Aber the river)" which some say
that can't be from Heber/Eber, Habiru, "the other side of the flood" [or perates ("cross/pass over", Sept)], could perhaps be cognate with river/province Khaburatum/Habur/Kebar/Hubur?

-> Jewish Talmud relates that Terah worshipped many/12 gods (Tribes, Zodiac, Teraphim?), there were not such number of gods worshiped at Ur city.

-> Josephus said "in ... Ur ... his (Haran's) monument is shown to this day", has it been found at Ur city or recorded there?

-> "Ram caught in thicket" at Ur city is otherwise called the "goat with the tree of life/(cross)".

North/early "Chaldea/Chaldee" names:
- Chaldeans/Chaldees/Chaldini/Khaldini/Chaldaei (sw Babylonia on Persian gulf bordering Arabia Desert & sthn district Gerrha/Kuwait, Strabo/C Ptolemy, moon/stars, 5 tribes).
- Celts/Galatians.
- (K)haldi (Urartian ram deity).
- Khaldi-Ziuquni (Urartian city).
- Khaljis/Ghilzais (Afghan tribe).
- Khalitu (to west of Urartians)/Xalitu (Urartians country, foreign/Urartian, cuneiform, Rusa 2, 676 BC).
- Khalita (province Assyrian/Mari).
- Kelti (wadi Amarna letters).
- Khaldaioi/Chaldios/xald?a/Chaldia/Chaldaei (Black sea/nth Assyria/Armenia/Carduchian/east Turkey, Greeks/Persian, Cyrus/Xenophon, Cyropaedia/Anabasis).
- Cordyaeans/Gordyene/Carduchian/Curid/Cordene /Kurd/Kardu(m)/Gordyeaen/Gordian/Gordea (mt(ns)).
- Khal (Tigris)/Khar (Syria-Palestine, Egyptian recs).
- Karthli (Georgian).

- Kesed/Kasdim (
- Kassites
- kshatriyas (warrior caste, Indian)
- Pikhat Khusetu sha Khashidia/uru nam khu-si-e-tum sha khash-di-ia (Babylonian texts, Nebuchadnezzar)
- Khosrau/Chosroes/Osrohene (
- Khazar
- Yezidi
- Kurd

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Josh, Dave, Solomon, etc

Seeming similarities between Amarna & united monarchy periods:
Tut's "ark", Hatshepsut's temple Deir el-Bahri, Aton/Adon, Akhenaten's hymn/psalm, "monotheism", Tut/David, Hatshepsut/[Bath-]Sheba, proverbs/Amenemopet (ca 19th dyn).

Similar names (between Amarna letters & united monarchy in bible) if not also contemporaneous/same natures/persons:
Abimilki - Abibalus;
Shalmaiati - Solomon;
Addudani/Addadani/Adadanu - Adonijah, [Araunah];
Vidia - David, [Uriah];
Biridia/Biridri - Benhadad;
Addaia - David, Jedidiah, Hadad/(Adados);
Dudu - Hadad, David????
Akizzi - Achish;
Aiab - Joab, Ahab;
Hiba/Hepa - Sheba, Ahab;
IapahAddi - Jephthah????;
Ebedtov - Toi/Tou, Tob, Zobah, Tabrimmon????;
Azaru/Aziru/Aziri - Hadadezer, Hazael;
Amelutgazmesh - Amalek, Agag, Gaza, Gath, Mesha, Moses;
Huriya - Uriah;

Habiru may not be Hebrews (cp Iberia?) but might be Cabiri of [Phoenician] (&/or compare (can't be) Habiri title of Hittite warriors)?

Some soucres say Ugarit was burned in reign of Akhenaten (Kolosimo). Other sources say Ugarit was burned in reign of Merneptah (Spanuth).
Now I know that there were quite a number of strata/layers &/or building phases over the time of Ugarit's existence, but I don't know if there were 2 burnt strata or only one? Need confirmation either way to rule out or not if Akhenaten and Merneptah connected?

The 3 (or "7" (Velikovsky)) yr famine of Amarna letters (18th dyn), &/or the famine/drought that came at end of Ugarit/Hittite just before foreign invaders [19th dyn/Sea Peoples or 18th dyn/Amarna] (J Lehman), may be the 3 yr famine of David (2 Sam 21:1; 24:13) [or famine of Ruth or Elijah/Elisha?]

(1.) old/orthodox chronology:
Abe - Ur 3/Larsa/Babylon 1/[Old Hittite];
Jose - Hyksos (15th/16th dyn);
Mose - 18th/19th dyn;
Josh - Amarna (18th dyn);
Shishak - Sheshonk (22nd dyn);
Necho - Neco (26th dyn);

(2.) Velikovsky's chronology:
Mose - Dudimose (13th dyn);
Judges - Hyksos (15th/16th dyn);
Saul - 15th/16th/18th dyns;
Solomon - Hatshepsut (18th dyn);
Shishak - Tuthmosis 3 (18th dyn);
Zerah - Amenhotep 2 (18th dyn);
divided monarchy - Amarna (18th dyn);
So - Sheshonk (22nd dyn);
Necho - Ramses 2 (19th dyn);

(3.) Rohl's/"new" chronology:
Jose - 12th dyn;
Mose - Sobekhotep (13th dyn);
Josh/Judges - 15th/16th dyn;
Saul - Amarna (18th dyn);
David - Amarna (18th dyn);
Shishak - Ramses 2 (19th dyn);

my tentative provisional possibilities:
Abe - 1st dyn;
Jacob - 2nd dyn;
Jose - 3rd/4th dyn;
Mose - 12th dyn;
Dave - 18th dyn?;
Solomon - 18th/19th dyn?;
Shishak - 19th dyn;

Nimrod ~ Aurignacian/Magdalenian
- (tall/strong, hunter, capelid/sumerian)
Abraham ~ Azilian
- (Beersheba)
Joseph ~ Lake Dwellings
- (Egyptian wheat/dried-up lake shores)
Moses ~ Megalithic
- (bedstead of Og of Bashan)

The closest possibility I have so far found for king C(h)(o)ushan-ris(h)at(h)a(y)im of Judges 3 is king S(h)u-shin of 3rd dyn of Ur (incld Akkad & Assyria), though rishathaim is perhaps similar to diblathaim (r/d intchge, sh/b cipher)? (Compare: Cush = Kur; Gozan (Gu-edin?/Gud-ana?). Perhaps risatayim relate to nasatya twins?)
(If Cushan-risathaim was an Assyrian then only close names other than Shu-shin are: [...]an [...], Erishu(m), Ashur-rim-nisheshu, Assu-ris-ilim (unverified), or Eriba-adad (b/sh cipher)?) (Compare Sheshonk?)

No direct mention is made of any Egyptian invasion/occupation of Israel/Palestine in Judges period.

Jerusalem (as opposed to Salem, cp New Jerusalem) is first so named (at latest) in David's time or (betw time of Abraham and) (before) Joshua/Judges. Mention of in ancient Egyptian 'Execration texts' of Mid Kdm Per/12th dyn, (and Amarna letters).

Could the great city Dur-ash conquered by Sargon be Jebus (Jeru-salem)? (Same sign reads either dur/dar, ip/eb, uras/urta; and Dur-ash is compared to [Dur-ilu/Dur-ili &/or] Dara-la (Eb-la).)

Sargon conquered Iarimuti which is Jarmuth of bk of Joshua, (cp Iarimuta of Amarna lets, (cp Yarmuk?)) .

Sumerian dynasties/cities (king list)/strata/periods/phases:

1.) Antediluvian lists (Waddell's ks #s 1-10):
(Anu 1) -> Eridu/Nunki -> Badtabira -> Larsa -> Badtabira -> Larak -> Sippar -> Shurupak* -> (Flood);

2a.) Isin list (Waddell's ks #s 1-37):
(Flood) -> (Anu 2) -> Kis 1* -> (Eanna);
2b.) Isin list (Waddell's ks #s 1-39):
Eanna/Uruk 1* -> Ur 1* -> Awan* -> Kis 2* -> Hamazi -> Uruk 2;

3.) ?:
Ur 2 -> Adab [1?] -> Mari;

4.) Kish list (Waddell's ks #s 1-46):
Kis 3 -> Akshak -> Kis 4 -> "Gap"* -> Uruk 3/Umma -> Agade -> Uruk 4 -> [Adab 2?] -> (Guti);

5.) (Waddell's ks #s 46-78):
Guti -> Lagas -> Uruk 5 -> Ur 3 -> Isin -> Larsa -> Babylon 1 -> Hittite -> Sealands -> Kassi 1;

6.) dyns/phases/strata:
Mid Bab -> Neo-Babylon -> Med -> Pers -> Macedon -> Antigonus -> Seleucid -> Parthian.

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The main modern dates given for the exodus are:
(a) the orthodox date of 19th or 18th dyn; and/or
(b) the most popular alternative date of Velikovsky/Rohl of the 13th (or 12th?) dyn.

The extant ancient scholars dates for the exodus are:
- Manetho's of 18th dyn (Tethmosis) and/or of 19th dyn (Amenophis/Ethiopia/Osarsiph/Heliopolis);
- Cheremon's of 19th dyn (Amenophis/Phritiphantes/(Isis)/Tisithen/Peteseph);
- Lysimachus'/Tacitus' of [23/24/25] dyn (Bocchoris);
- Artapanus of ? dyn (Memphite/Chenephres/Palmanothes);
- Jashar of ? dyn (Melol/Adikam);
- Polemo of ? dyn (Apis son of Pharonaeus);
- Koran of ? dyn (Haman); and
- Josephus' of ? dyn (Thermuthis/Tharbis/Ethiopia).
(Refs: Josephus, [Massey, Fitzgerald-Lee].)

- The (?corrupt/mixed) classical/church fathers tradition (of Artapanus) that associates [an] exodus with a king Chenephres says he was Memphite (dyns (1 &) 3-8);
- Rohl mis-equates him with 13th dyn (Sec Int Per, Thebes/Itj-tawy);
- There were kings called Chenephres in 5th, 6th and 7th/8th (Memphite) dyns (Carpenter, Bey);
- A another kig of 9th dyn was Kaneferre (a famine in his reign);
- a 6th dyn pyramid name Kha-nefer;
- a place Kanefer in Sinuhe story (Amenemhat, Mercatante);
- Pyramid of Amenemhet 1 called Ka-nefer (Bey);
- Memphis was also/alt called Kha-nefer (Bey);
- (some would add Chephren).

Various traditions (either genuine/accurate or corrupt/mixed) reackon that Pharaoh's daughter, Moses' adopted mother (found Moses) was called Merr(his) or Thematis or Bathia/Bithiah (cf 1 Chron 4:17); and that Moses' Ethiopian wife was called Tharvis/Adonaih?

Ancient scholars variously claimed Moses was connected with Osarsiph of Heliopolis, Tisithen, Thoth. (Freud ([Osman or Salibi]) identified Moses with (a follower of) Akhenaten.)

- The corrupt/composite tradition identifies Moses in nature with Osarsiph;
- Osar-siph is said to compare with Jo-seph in name;
- Osarsiph story corresponds in nature with that of A(a)r(u)su/Irsu of inscriptions about 19th-20th dyn, (name "a corruption of");
- Osarsiph may be Se-Osiris?

The modern 19th dyn theory was based in partly on the name Ramses, and on the traditional exodus of Amenophis (Merneptah). The mention of name Israel in Palestine on Merneptah stele is one known problem with this theory/dating.

If Raamses is Pi-Ramses-Meri-Amun (anachronism) then why didn't they include the Pi- since they did with Pithom (and also with Pathros/Atur-res and perhaps Buto/Put)? (also Rameses spelt different, plus also "land of" not just city.)

There are pharaohs/persons with name Ramses before 19th dyn in some other ancient/mediaeval/modern king lists published by Herman Hoeh. (Compare Remus (Rome), Rimush (Akkad).)

3/4 proposed etymologies/derivations of name Moses:
Hebrew moseh/masah "to draw out";
Egyptian msw "to be born", mesu "child, son";
Egyptian mou "water" + eses/uses "(those who are) saved (from)";
(Sumerian mus "serpent").

Wehem-meswet (12th dyn), Mer-mesha (13th dyn), Dudimose (13 dyn), Ka-mose (17 dyn), Ah-mose (18th dyn), Tuth-mosis (18 dyn), Ra-mose (18 dyn?), Sagaz-mesh (18 dyn), Ra-messes (19th-20th dyns), Amen-messes (19 dyn), (Ptah-)Messu (19 dyn), Pa-ra-messu (19 dyn?).

[The DSS and] Psalm 78:43 mention Tanis in connection with Hebrews in Egypt (compare Jashar).

Some Xtian scholars believe the Pharaoh of Exodus was an Assyrian quoting some biblical verse(s) some where.

The new king that didn't know Joseph could be a new/different period or dynasty or "race" (Horus/Set) or capital/origin.

Could the 80 yrs Horus vs Set poss be related to the 80 yrs of Moses in exodus 1-14?

Also/alt, king Pepy/Phiops (6th) dynasty was a centenarian like Joseph & Moses.

melol/adikam ("bk of Jashar") & pepy (6th dyn) have in common 94 yrs, dwarf/pygmy, (tanis?)

The new king that didn't know Joseph/the Pharaoh of the massacre of babies could have reigned anywhere between ca 40 yrs ("after Moses was grown") upto 80 yrs (poss (not) longer?) The pharaoh drowned in red sea could have reigned anywhere between 1/(0) yr(s) upto ca 40 yrs.

In Exodus the Hebrews slaves made bricks (not stones). In Egyptian history brick buildings/monuments were particularly prevalent/prolific in the [1st intmed per to] mid kdm per (see P Clayton, Bey).

If Goshen/Ramses/Pithom were in ne/lower Egypt as most commonly held then Moses can only have been in dyns 1, 3-8 or (12-)14-16. However this is only if one only goes by the royal capitals/centers/homes of the dynasties and not all the other cities/sites assoc with them. Baby Moses' hidding/(birth?) place must have been near pharaoh's daughter's palace, otherwise it would be like princess of Buckingham palace finding a baby in the river Trent.

No Nile river crossing mentioned in exodus.

Mention of "12 wells" or "reservior of 12 perches in a wood" in 11th dyn might be the "12 springs" (& 70 palms) of Elim of exodus?

Judaeo-Xtian vers: Moses parts/Israel crosses Red Sea (is said other countries heard of it).
Phoenician vers: Baal versus Yamm (&/or = Flood).
Egyptian vers: [Typhon in Serbonis (Arish).] The magician Zazamankh parted lake/placed one half on other. (Compare Achthoes eaten (&/or Menes devoured) by a crocodile???)

Candidates for pharaoh perished in Red sea incld:
- Mentuhotep 3, tomb/sarcophagus never found.
- Cheops empty "sarcophagus" (grt pyr) [but prob underneath pyr (Herodotus), or overseas?]
- No mummy or coffin has been found for the last Pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty, Koncharis.
- Amenemhet 4 no definately ascribed/known burial/pyramid.
- "Sesostris' mummy never found. (His grave had been ranscaked)" (I Lissner.)

Some believe the Ipuwer Papyrus parallels the 10 plagues, and/or the Sinaitic inscriptions parallel verses of exodus wanderings.

The story of Sinuhe is similar to flight of Moses, and name like Sinai?
The tale of 2 brothers Anpu vs Bata has similarity to Moses slaying the Egyptian.

"Bedstead" of giant Og of Bashan = megalithic.
Amorite Bashan poss equals Amorite Jebel Bishri (compare king Labasher of Uruk 1)?
Could "the haq of the land of Abesha/Abishai/Abushar" (Aamu) of the well-known Khnumhotep pictures be related to Og of Bashan (Amorite)? [Other candidates for Abishai/Abushar are Abisare of Larsa, Abieshu of Babylon 1.]

The slaying of the *"chosen"* or "1st born" parallels Pharaoh's slaying of children of Israel.

Candidates for slain 1st born of Pharaoh might be:
- Amenemhet 4 presumed died prematurely. Dyn 12 ends with Queen.
(Perhaps compare "who has overcome death" of Khnumhotep inscription?)

Exodus was a flight as opposed to (Hyksos) expulsion.

Judaeo-Xtian versions: Pharaoh slaughters male babies (Moses). Herod slaughter of innocents (Jesus).
Greek version: Kronos swallows children (Zeus).

At Kahun were found wooden boxes containing babies, under floors of houses (ref F Petrie/D Down). [Tho Exodus says babies were thrown into Nile river. Perhaps were fed to crocodiles hence Sobek of 12th dyn?]

Judaeo-Xtian version: Moses saved from water (Nile).
-> Roman: Romulus & Remus saved from water (Tiber) (Pears/Cook).
-> Akkadian: Sargon 1 saved from water (Hancock).
-> Egypt: Hancock sees parallel with rescue of Osiris coffin from water.

Moses lawgiver/laws similar to Hammurabi lawgiver/laws.
Judaeo-Xtian Moses lawgiver.
Babylonian Hammurabi lawgiver.
Greek/Cretan Minos lawgiver. Draco lawgiver. Lycurgus lawgiver.
Egyptian: Menes 1st lawgiver (Brugsch-Bey).
Indian code of Manu.

Could the "stor(ag)e/treasure places/cities" (Raamses, Pithom) of Exodus 1 be connected with the Labyrinth near lake Moeris? (Tho Herodotus also alt mentions treasury of Rhampsinitis.)

(Kahun was "suddenly abandoned".)

Pectoral of queen Mereret (Amenemhet 3) possibly seems to show slave workers?

Pi-thom (Pi-Tum/Pa-Tmu &/or Per-Atum) could be from either:
- a Pharaoh (Tawi-Thom ("Typhon"), Amun-timaeus, Thamus, Teutamus, Tutimaeus/Timaus, Dudimose, etc); or
- the god Atum; or
- tham/thomas "two/twin/demi", compare Egyptian taui (cognate with English) "two" as in Itj-tawi, Tawi-Thom, Ros-tau, etc.
(Pithom similar to P-ium/Faiyum tho almost certainly not same.)
Pithom is probably the "Arabian" town Patumus between Bubastis and Red sea mentioned in Herodotus. (Lower Egypt was called Patomit.)
Alt/also, temple of (Ra-)Atum at Heliopolis (Kheper-ka-ra Senusret 1). "Huge quantities of ... stores ... were found in Sesostris' funerary temple" (I Lissner).

"Moses" on the ass in the temple (compare Typhon on ass) was really prophetic for Jesus on donkey colt (which may be type of 144000 (Israel) of Revelation?).

Abraham ~ Uenephes/Semenptah (1st dyn) :
- (famine -> plagues);
Jacob ~ Nynetjer/Necherophes (2nd dyn) :
- (Shechem ~ Shem-Re????, "terror");
Joseph ~ (betw Zoser to) Sneferu (3/4 dyn) :
- (famine Zoser?, bent pyramid, Rahotep, global);
Moses ~ 12th dyn :
- (12 springs, slave workers?, brick buildings, temple Atum, new kdm/dyn/king, giant?, ....)

There is dispute whether the 400 or 430 yrs sojourn of the Hebrews in Gen-Exod was either:
(A) 430 yrs in Egypt alone as in Masoretic text; or
(B) 430 yrs in "Egypt and Canaan" (Septagint), or, 215 yrs (Jacob - Mose) in Egypt, and 215 yrs (Abe - Jose) in Canaan (Josephus, [DSS]).

Perhaps it is possible to adopt a provisional compromise/synthesis of ~300 yrs in Egypt?

Comparing geneaologies, there are more generations between Joshua/Caleb/etc and their tribal patriarch (11) than there are between Levi and Moses/Aaron (2/4).

The Jewish date of 2666 for exode may be related to 666 like massoetic 1656 date for flood?

Some have made a deal/case of 400 yrs of Genesis vs 430 yrs of Exodus, however 400 & 430 are interchangeable (rounding off) as with 40/42 in same system as 10/12, 50/52, 70/72, 100/110/120.

(4 generations to 400 yrs gives a generation of 100 yrs. The 4 generations may be types of 4 world ages?)

(Egypt/Arab: Surid built pyramid 300 yrs before flood (A Tomas).)
(300 yrs reign god-king Horus (Alford).)
350 yrs reign god-king Set (Alford).
350 yrs chaos betw demi-gods dyn & Menes.
400 yrs Messiah (2 Esdras 7:28).
400 yrs between Hyksos king and king of 19th egyptian dynasty (Massey).
400 yrs old Crow "phoenix" of Hor-Apollo (Massey).
420 yrs Noa to Abe.
430/400 yrs abe/jose - mose (exo 12:40, gen 15:13)
430 yrs gap in Sumerian king list that Waddell theorises.
436yrs bef 1st olymp, nilus reign (Massey).
448 yrs 4th dyn Manetho (Clayton);
450 yrs betw Christ and Galahad (E Blyton).
450/400 yrs reign of god-king Osiris (Massey, Alford).
480 yrs moses-solomon (1ki6:1)
490 yrs Daniel - Christ (Dan 9:24).
500 yrs reign god-king Geb (Alford).
511 yrs Hyksos (Josephus/Manetho).

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7 Days Creation, etc

Judaeo-Xtian vers:
7 remaining horns beast,
7 heads beast,
7 sons Job;
7 yrs Joseph,
Jacob served 7 yrs;
7 yrs Tribulation,
7 dispensations,
7 Cainite generations (Seth 8th),
7 days creation,
7 churches,
7 archangels,
7 sons Japheth (Jashar),
wk of 7 yrs,
7 days week,
7 churches Paul (letters),
7 animals ark,
7 gens Abe - Moses (Josephus),
7 gens Adam - Enoch (Jude),
7 spirits,
7 deacons,
7 names God,
7 last words Jesus,
7 days festivals/feasts,
7 weeks betw passover & pentecost,
forgive (70 x) 7 x,
Cain/Lamech cursed -fold/x,
Israel/Jews extended punishment x7,
7 earths (Jewish),
[7 cities Nimrod],
7 sons Mizraim (Jashar);
7 daughters Jethro/Raguel/Hobab;
7 sephiroth (Myers),
5 loaves & 2 fish[es],
Hebron built 7 yrs before Tanis;
7 yrs Hebron, David.

Yaldabaoth engenders 7 beings,
7 stages Sufism,
7 stages islamic hell (Sykes),
7 heavens islam/gnostic (Cooper, Room, Jordan),
7 zenobias (B Walker),
7 heads Lotan/Leviathan (Sykes, Larouse),
7 headed serpent Phoenican (Waddell),

7 days Babyl flood,
7 tablets creation,
7 stages Tower of Babylon/Borsippa,
7 Maskim,
7 septenary spheres/"stars/planets"/heavenly bodies,
(Ningirsu/Ninurta slays) 7 headed snake-monster/serpent/dragon Sumerian/EDP (Heidel, Black & Green),
7 annunaki,
7 gates underworld,
7 spheres/grades Mithraism mysteries,
[7 metals/tree Avesta],
7 Amesha Spentas (Sykes);

7 Manus,
7 rivers India,
7 (sapta)mataras,
7 spurs Meru (Sykes),
7 circles Patala (Sykes),
7 Rishis (Sykes)?,
7 Prajapatis (Sykes)?,
7 horses Surya (Jordan),
7 root races theosophy,
7 gods of luck Japan.
7 thunders spring from corpse of Izanami.

7 rivers Egypt,
7 hills pre-dyn Egypt pottery,
7 castes Egypt,
7 Hathors,
7 cleopatras,
7 holes head,
7 gods invoked at daybreak (Zaire),

7 sages (Solon),
7 Pleiades/sisters,
7 against Thebes,
7 pairs youths sacrificed to Minotaur,
7 cyclopes built Tiryns,
7 Hyades (Cooper),
7 islands Persephone,
Sibyl 7 gens old;
7 days exode Tacitus;
7 hills Rome,
7 kings Rome,
7 Caesars (Westminster NT),
7 wonders world,

7 heads Rugievit,
Oossood pronounces destinies on 7th nt aft birth,
7 sleepers,
7 champions Xtendom (Cooper),
7 deadly sins,
7 swords (R Carpenter)???,
7 dwarves,
7 climate zones ([Natl Geogr/Time?]),
7 aeons (ONA),

7 cities Cibola (Sykes),
Chicomoztec cavern of 7 chambers (Sykes),
7 caves tulan-zuiva (Sykes).

7 seas,
7 continents,
7 nitrogenous bases DNA,
7 caves Mars,
earth 7th planet counting inwards,
7 colours rainbow,
7 tones,
7 vowels (...),
7 senses (Cooper),
7 stars Ursa major,
7 day week ~ 1/4 of month.

There are 2 views about the 7 day creation week of Genesis 1, they are: that the 7 days were literal 24 or 12 hour days, or that they were (any length) ages/periods like 1000 yrs (yome meaning day &/or (cognate?) aeon).

7 literal days would explain the origin of the 7 day week, (moon not created til # day).

In many cases 8 is really "7 &/+ 1", which in many cases means "new".

8 kings/heads beast (Rev 17),
8 days old circumcision,
8th day man Adam,
888 numerological value Jesus Christ (Anderson),
Seth 8th following after 7 Cainite generations (Massey, O'Brien),
8 souls saved in Noah's ark,
David 8th son of Jessie,
8th/(1st) day JC resurrected (Oxford);

8 children Keret (Larouse),
"Eshmun 8th to 7 sons of Sydyk, Sydyk god of 8 rays" (Massey)?
8 stages Islamic paradise (Sykes),
Borsippa Nebo Ziggurat 8 spheres/stages/steps,
8 nagus/regions Babylonian world map (Black & Green),
8 pted star istar (Jordan, Bolton),
8 (asta)mataras,
8 Lokapalas/Dikpalas (Sykes),
8 vasus (Sykes, Jordan),
noble 8-fold path Buddhism (Pears/Cook),
8 Buddhas (Comte, Larouse),
8 hand crow Yatagarasu (Sykes),
Susano vs 8 headed serpent (Larouse).

8 gods Ogdoad Hermopolis (Jordan),
8 faces Bent Pyramid;
8 spokes chariot wheel Nuweiba,

[8 (x 3) runes,]
8 legged horse Sleipnir (Jordan),
88 h(eil )H(itler), 18 A(dolf )H(itler),
"8th" continent Atlantis (Berlitz),
8 hour day,
88 keys,
8 legs spiders,
8 legs octopus,
8 corners cube,
88 days Mercury,

10 Patriarchs, etc

10 pre-flood Sethite patriarchs (Fasold);
10 lost tribes;
10 commandments/words decalogue;
10 times "and God said", words to create world (Oxford);
10 horns/crowns/kings beast Daniel/Revelation;
10 plagues exodus;
10 post flood patriarchs (Josephus);
10 parts/divs world/age (has come to 10th, half 10th remains) (Ethiopic 2 Esdras);
10 per cent tithes;
10 gens Judah - David (Misler);
10 strings harp (Misler);
10 sons Haman;
10 Canaanite peoples Genesis (later reduced to 7, Misler);
110 yrs Joseph/Joshua;
1 yr & 10 days flood (Fasold, Amp.);
10 righteous men (Sodom/Abraham);
Joseph/Joshua 110 yrs old;
10 cities decapolis;
10 asses Denarius (Ottenheimer);
10 kings of the Adites (Fasold);
10 antediluvian kings Berosus (Fasold );
10 day banquet Bab new year festival of Akitu (9th day Marduk split Tiamat) (Alford);
10 Prajapatis (Cooper);
10 petris (9 Brahmadikas + Brahma) (Fasold);
10 (9 + 1) avataras Visnu, Indian (Sykes);
10 Pranas (5 Jnanendriyas + 5 Karmendriyas) India (Sykes);
10th day victory (after 9 days fighting) of Durga (Alford);
10 (9 + 1) suns Chinese (Larouse );
10 emperors Chinese (Fasold, );
10 hand spans long sword;

10 base/factors decimal (Semitic/Egyptian) system;
10 god-kings dyn Egyptian (Nordbergen);
10 day week Egypt (Alford );
10 (or 9) bows/arcs earth divided into (Egyptian,) (Spanuth);
10th day (after 9 days tempest) Shu (Hancock, Alford);
Dogon: "star of 10th moon" (Alford);

10 kings of Atlantis;
10 years Trojan war (Cook);
10 years Titanomachia war (Cook);
10 orig labours of Hercules (RL Green);
10 sibyls Varro (Cooper, Cook);
10 Dactyls (Cooper);
10 curiae Rome (Bolton);
10 Caesars (Westminster NT)?
10 months to a year originally (cf Numa, ref Fasold, );
10 (9 + 1) worlds/trees Eddaic (Brita-Titchenal/Bolton);
10 years to a decade;

10 kings Canary Is (Berlitz);
10 kings Maya (Berlitz);

10 "fingers"/digits/toes hand/foot;
10 - planet X;
10 dimensions (Milser);

Ten is some times interchangeable with 12 in the same manner as [40/42, 50/52,] 70/72, 100/120.

Note: (10) horns beast = lost tribes = sons haman (types).

The theory that the 2 lines of pre-flood patriarchs (7 cainite & 10 sethite) are really same (leading to/from that genesis is not true/original) has the problems that: (a) the orders (and spellings) are somewhat different, (b) the 2 lines are concurrent/contemp/coextant &/or consecutive (seth 8th aft 7 cainites), (c) one is 7 gens other is 10, (d) wife/mother of noah/son.

Num(b)er(olog)ical Symbolism, part 3, Analysis and Conclusions.

- prooves 3 sons Noah,
- prooves 10 patriarchs.

- prooves trinity,
- prooves judaeo-xtianity/bible/God (7s, 3s, code signature fingerprint).

- can help solve chronological uncertainties by giving us an alternative time-scale to geological one, arising from evidence that ancients viewed human/world time/history (& prophecy) as a whole, (sub-)dividing it into varying #s of consecutive ages analogous to micro sub-divisions/units of time.

- can help to locate lost lands (eg Atlantis); evidence that ancients known/inhabited world was whole world not old world, which they (sub-)divided into # of continents/latitudes/hemispheres/worlds/quadrants like we do.

shows connections between various cultures/civilisatons (eg "aryan" tripartite caste system common to many; eg conns betw old wor & new wor; atlantean).

dimensions, principles/energies/forces.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The main extant chronologies place Abe-Jose too late (in Egyptian & Mesopotamian time lines) in my opinion. (They gen place Abe betw Ur 3 to Babylon 1 periods, and they put Jose betw 12th to 16th dyns.) Abraham lived only 400 yrs after flood, and at the end of longevity/(beginning of civilisation?).

The 2 droughts in (supp) "predynastic-postglacial" Egypt (2nd one corresp to Anau 2-Susa 2) acc to Cambridge Anc Hist, may be the droughts/famines of Abraham, Isaac &/or Joseph of Genesis? (Likewise with drought at Jericho between Natufian & Munhata/Yarmukian phases.)

Abraham may be contemporary with the 1st dyn of Egypt. According to Genesis 12 there was a bad famine followed by egypt/pharaoh being smitten by bad plagues. In the 1st Egyptian dyn the was a bad famine followed by a bad plague (and miracles). One possible problematic difference is that plagues is plural in genesis but singular in 1st Egy dyn (ref Bey), though Clayton does say "numerous plagues". (Also a problem if Waddell is right equating 1st dyn with the dyn of Akkad in Mesopotamian king list?)

On another hand Abraham could be Philitis of 4th egyptian dyn period, (see Herodotus)? Philitis was a shepherd and name means lover of righteousness, and Abe was called righteous in bk of Hebrews, (rather than P being Melchi-zedek as some in past claimed). <[Mastaba] mentioned in bible prophet book.>

Could (Su-)edin(-hum) (Subartu*/[Sumasti]/S(h)irihum/Suedinki/Subati/'Suedin & Gutium') of Sumer-Akkadian records be connected with Sodom? (LA Waddell reckoned suedinhum is Indus Valley. Su- can mean south.) In Genesis Sodom is said to be like Garden of the Lord (Eden, cp holy land). (Edin synoym Rom, d/r intchge.) Sodom was at Dead Sea, Suedinhum was near lower sea/nar marratu (salt/bitter [cp sea of death].)
* Many believe Horites of Transjordan were Hurrians, [mt Hur(r)um ~ mt Hor?].
* Su(edin) & Gu(tium) ~ Sodom & Gomorrah???
(Faint poss even that Sodom might be related to Solymi of Tacitus (Josephus)/Homer?)

Amadgal ("Akurgal", "son" of "Ur-nina") who is connected with Suedinhum could be Amraphel with d/r intchge, and g/p(h) as in Velikovsky's Apophis/Agag (Massey's Apophis/Akhekh, cp peleg/chalag; lupus/lykos; ahi/ophis, khent/fent)?
5/4 "sons" on [Ur-nina/Uruash] plaque perhaps 5 subject kings of valley &/or 4 confed ks? Lidda on plaque could be Lot?
Chedor-laomer could be Uruash Khad ["Ur-nina/Ur(uash)-nungal/Urlugal"]. King of Elam may corresp to lord of edin/anshan (persepolis)/indus as that king apparently was. (Chedorlaomer may be Arab Sheddad son of Ad & bro Luqman, and [Uruash Khad] is allegedly assoc with word [Ad].)
However possible problem is this depends on whether Waddell was right to equate:
uruash-khad (inscriptions) = ur(uash)-nungal/urlugal (uruk 1) = urnina/urnanshe (lagas [2])?

(Also/alt, Sargon is mentioned quelling a revolt there [suedinhum]; Sargon or Naramsin or Manishtusu conq Elam; Sayce says one of Sargon's names/titles was Dadil/Dadal/Ta(l)tal similar to Tidal, (and which resembles Daedalus, and Bristowe reckons Sargon conq Crete or Cyprus). Abraham and Sargon both connected with Ur name and fire worship.)

On another hand, could Tirigan of Gu-ti-um possibly be Tidal k of Goiim of Gen 14? (cp Sum gud/Heb goy/Engl cow.) In Hebrew d & r often interchange, and so do l & n, while Sumerian g is often dropped/added. (There was a k of early Lagas called Taltal-kur-gala; Guti period/dyn tied with late Lagas period/dyn.) Apparently there was a 12 yr famine/drought immediately before Tirigan. There was a famine/drought in gen chapter 12. Abe was 75 in ch 12, and next is 86 in ch 16, plus ch 14 says the ks served Elam for 12 yrs. It might make sense that they would rebel at end of famine/drought (and why took til yr 14 for response)? Tirigan is described as "the king who perished in the midst of his troops" vaguely similar to Abram routing the 4 kings. Tirigan's predecessor was "k of the 4 regions" - 4 kings of gen 14?

The usual old identifications for the 4 confed kings were:
Amraphel/Shin(g/e)ar - Hammurabi/Shumer;
Tidal/Goiim - Tudhaliyas/Goyim (Hittite/Hatti);
Arioch/Ellasar - Eri-Aku (Rim-Sin)/Larsa;
Chedorlaomer - Kudurlagamari (Kudurnakhunte/Kudurtakhunte about the time of Ur 3 dyn or Larsa dyn).
We can see the names are not necessarily as close as felt.

Judeao-Xtian version: Lot's wife turns back, turned into pillar of salt/vapourised.
Greek version: Orpheus looks back, wife lost.

Perhaps compare Japanese: Izanami burnt to death by birth of fire god; Izanagi warned not to look at her too closely. (Some BIs suppose Japs are descs of Lot/Transjordan tribe).

Judaeo-Xtian versions: God rains fire and brimstone down on Sodom & Gomorrah etc, Lot's wife turned to pillar of salt/vapourised. (Cp Abe saved from fiery furnace.)
Mesopotamian: 'fire and stones'.
Mesopotamia: floor of fused glass bottom of all strata of archaeological mine shafts (Berlitz). Remains of tower of Babel are vitrified indicating huge amount of heat (G Jeffrey). "... thunder ... the casing of burnt bricks" (Borsippa, Nebuchadnezzar inscript) [burnt from catastrophe &/or from sun/fire when making?]
Gobi: vitrified soil of type caused by atomic explosion (Berlitz).
Mexican vers: rain of fire (& gravel)/fiery rain ends # world age (Quiahuitl).
Greek vers: Phaethon almost sets world on fire. Phoenix. Monster Aegides vomitd flames in Phrygia spread far as India then Lebanon and as far as Egypt and Africa. Semele burnt to death. (Compare Medusa head turn people who look to stone.)
Celtic: Druid myth tells how fire & water prevail over earth (Hislop, Sykes).
India: Aurva created from thigh great consuming fire which would have consumed world....
Arabia/Palestine: Quite a few authors have given evidence that the whole Sinai, Negeb, Petra, Dead Sea, Lawz and El-Wijh area are burnt/scorched/seared/blackened/dessicated/scared/ash & lava fields (Alford, Murray, Jeffrey, Oommen, Cornuke).

Gomorah/Amorah might be Numeira (David Down [n/g intcge or n- prefix]; cp Qumran?)

Could Ben-Yamini of Mari recs be Ben-Ammi/Ammonites (rather than "stherners" or Ben-jaminites)???, &/or Ben-Sam'ali of Mari recs be Ishma-elites (rather than "ntherners")???

Ram caught in thicket of Abe/Isaac story supposedly resembles "ram in thicket" of Ur city tho the latter otherwise called 'goat with tree of life'. (Perhaps compare Mendes of 2nd dyn of Egypt.) Zodiacal age of Aries (cp Khnum (3rd/4th dyn), Amun (12th, 18th dyns))?

Hebron was built 7yrs before Tanis (Num 13:22); name of Pepy (6th dyn) found at Tanis meaning town at least that old.
Earlier name of Hebron was Kirjath-Arba "city of four" which is similar to Akkadian shar kibrdtim arba'inm erbettim "king of the 4 quarters".

Abe (roughly) came immediately after end of extreme longevity. Gilgamesh of Uruk 1 came immediately after end of extreme longevity. Pepy, Djedi, Gilgamesh were centenarians (like Joseph and Moses).

Azilian letters on pebbles found at/under Beersheba, and Beersheba is connected with time of Abraham/Hagar, possibly meaning Abe and Azilian close time-wise.

There is a strange similarity of Abraham and Sarah/Sarai with Brahman and Sri of India.

([Salibi or Osman]'s Asir in Arabia is biblical Asshurim sons of Abraham (not Assyria), not Israel.